The Digit Dot Story

Black Digit Dot on Marble.  Pink Fingernails.

Why the Digit Dot?

We find that spinning motion is a key curiosity for mankind.  For example, the common top has been around for over 6 thousand years and is still made in much the same form it always has.  

Then, the Digit Dot was born.  It's not just another top.  It is a platform on which practically anything can BECOME a top.  From a scrap piece of board, to a sleek, modern tablet, practically any item with a flat surface can be transformed into a spinning wonder.

How the Digit Dot...

It started as a small circular grip on the back of a phone to help manipulate with one hand.  Then, on July 4, 2017, a new concept became a reality when the first "Digit Dot" prototype was made and tested as a device no longer just a grip, but as a raised apex on which the phone was able to spin...

Re-experience YOUR Phone.

We at MBee sincerely hope you will enjoy this age-old technology fused to your modern cell phone or tablet.  Do not forget to check out our app(s) for iOS and Android.  The apps truly realize the extraordinary difference between the Digit Dot and just another top.

We hope your experience is a re-experience.


A Message From the Creator [of the Digit Dot]

Hello.  I am Brian Powell, the creator, the inventor, the dreamer, of the Digit Dot.  I have had a long-time drive to create something that would impact the lives of many.  While I do not know if the Digit Dot will be "the greatest thing since sliced bread," I do know that the journey has been fun, exhilarating, at times frustrating.  But, if you are reading this now, and I am not simply typing to an audience of zero, I guess I've done it.  Consider your life impacted, no matter in how small a way.  Even if I can have a random conversation with  you or another passerby at an airport in some faraway land some day and by some chance "Digit Dot" is a term that we both understand, my dream will have had at least some realization.

At the end of the day, the Digit Dot, for me, is incredibly fun and really cool.  I hope you will agree and I hope you share your experiences!